Colorado Breastfeeding Help

Practical Lactation Support for Colorado Families

Breastfeeding is all natural, but that doesn't mean it's always easy. My goal is to help make breastfeeding easier, comfortable, and more efficient for you and your baby. An in-home consultation, includes a thorough health history of both you and your baby, observation and assessment of breastfeeding, weighing the baby, as well as a gentle examination of you and your baby, as needed. I allow plenty of time for you share concerns, insights, and question you may have. After exploring the whats and whys of your feeding challenges, we will work together to develop a practical strategy to make breastfeeding work tailored for you, your baby, and your unique situation.

My philosophy: Breastfeeding is normal feeding for human babies and should be comfortable for both mother and baby. Mothers have intuition to feed and care for their babies, but breastfeeding is also a learned behavior, and many mothers have little to no up-close exposure to breastfeeding before their own baby is born, and most lack an extensive community network of experienced breastfeeding women. Babies are born hardwired with a desire and ability to feed, however, for a variety of both health and cultural reasons, that innate drive and skill may be impeded. It is essential that lactation support be accessible logistically and financially, and that it honors these biological needs and abilities of both mother and child, while providing compassionate, practical support to help overcome any difficulties the pair may be facing.



In-home consultations are available in metro Denver, Breckenridge, and Estes Park. Skype and phone consults are also available. Most Denver area consults are scheduled within 72 hours and often on the same day. Availability in Breckenridge and Estes Park varies.

Not breastfeeding yet? Private prenatal classes are also available to help you get breastfeeding off to a great start. You will learn about the physiology of breastfeeding and how to establish a good milk supply. We will also discuss how to get a good latch, identifying and preventing common breastfeeding issues, ways partners can help, and how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk. There will be plenty of time to discuss any concerns you have. This class is especially recommended if you have anxiety about breastfeeding, previous breastfeeding problems, or breast/health history that might make breastfeeding more challenging.


 In home lactation consultations last 1.5-2 hours and cost $120. I am committed to supporting all mothers, no matter their financial situation; as such, a reduction in price is available whenever needed. 

All visits include follow up by phone and most issues are resolved in one visit. Certain complicated cases may need more than one visit, and sometimes new issues arise. In such cases, one hour mini-consults for established clients are available.

I accept cash, check, major credit cards, and most FSA and HSA cards. Under the ACA, insurance companies are required to cover breastfeeding help. I will provide a superbill that can be used seek reimbursement from your insurance company. The above rates apply for all home visits within an 10 mile radius from zip code 80215, in Breckenridge, and in Estes Park. A travel charge of $15 is added for visits 10-14 miles from 80215.


Ginny Kooyman, CLC, IBCLC

I have been working alongside new families since 2003. I began working with families during pregnancy and childbirth, but my passion for lactation grew after seeing the impact my work with new mothers had on establishing breastfeeding relationships that often lasted for years. I began working exclusively in breastfeeding support when I became a Certified Lactation Counselor in 2012 and I have been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2015. As part of my commitment to helping all breastfeeding families, I am an active volunteer with La Leche League International, and a local organization that supports teen moms. I am also the homeschooling mama of four still-bouncing, no-longer-baby boys.

What Can an IBCLC Help With?

Sometimes a breastfeeding mother and baby just need a few minor adjustments to make breastfeeding smooth sailing. Other times, feeding needs a full overhaul. In either case, a consultation can help get you where you want to be.

Some of the situations that can be improved by a visit with an IBCLC include:  painful latch, sore nipples, low milk supply (not enough milk), over supply (too much milk), engorgement, jaundice, slow infant growth, baby won't latch, fussiness at the breast, clicking noises while feeding, a baby that is "nursing all the time" and never seems satisfied, prematurity, twins, triplets, exclusive pumping, colic, reflux, food allergies or sensitivities, mastitis, plugged ducts, thrush, tongue tie, breastfeeding without birthing and adoptive nursing, relactation, cleft lip or palate, past breast surgery, return to work, sleep issues related to feeding, and weaning.

To ask a question, or for help deciding if you would benefit from a consultation, contact me at 720-355-4508.